Prof. John Potter
John is Professor of Media in Education at the University College London Institute of Education, based in the UCL Knowledge Lab.
Dr. Kate Cowan
Kate is a Senior Research Fellow at UCL Institute of Education, based at UCL Knowledge Lab, interested in young children’s play and communication. Kate is working on the project case studies
Dr. Yinka Olusoga
Yinka is a lecturer in the School of Education at the University of Sheffield. She is an historian of childhood, play and education
Dr. Michelle Cannon
Michelle is a Lecturer on the MA in Digital Media (Education route) at the UCL Knowledge Lab, Institute in Education
Dr. Julia Bishop
Julia is a Research Associate in the School of Education, University of Sheffield, where she studies children’s folklore. Julia is working on the online survey and archiving strands of the project
Dr. Cath Bannister
Cath is a researcher into children’s play based at Sheffield University’s School of Education. Cath is working on the online survey strand of the project
Dr. Valerio Signorelli
Valerio is Lecturer in Connected Environments at the Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, UCL. He is developing the digital infrastructure and interfaces of the project
Peeps is a sweet and inquisitive shapeshifter who is very interested in play and how children have fun