What about confidentiality?

What about confidentiality?

The things you share with us will be shared with other people who are interested in play. This will help us understand more about young people’s experiences. We will not use your real name unless you and your family want us to.

Your personal data will be kept confidential. You will not be named in any public outputs - including reports, presentations, publications, websites, blogs, exhibitions and social media - unless you specifically request this on the consent form.

We will share the contributions you make with our project partners, Great Ormond Street Hospital, and the V&A Museum of Childhood. We will also make your contributions publicly available online for others to use for non-commercial purposes.

We will deposit your contributions and personal data with archives at University College London and the University of Sheffield. A selection of this information will also be deposited at the British Library, another of our project partners. Your contributions will be available to others to use for non-commercial purposes provided that they agree to preserve the confidentiality of the data.

All data will be stored securely.

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