What files can we upload?

What files can we upload?

You can upload photos of things you’ve drawn, painted or made to our survey. You can upload photos or videos of your play, activities or games and of the places where you have played. You can video or audio record yourself talking about your play and upload that too.

We welcome photos, video clips and sound recordings of games, activities, drawings, and anything to do with your play. You can upload up to 6 files at a time. We want to use these files in public outputs and to preserve them for use by others for non-commercial purposes in the future, as described below. This means we can only accept them if

  1. you have created them yourselves, and
  2. they were made with the permission of any people featured in them, and
  3. the people featured (and their parent/legal guardian in the case of under 18s) give consent for them to be shared with us for use in non-commercial public outputs and for their long-term preservation and non-commercial re-use.

Contributors can only give consent for themselves or their own children. If the files feature others, please obtain verbal consent from them (and their parent/legal guardian if under 18) before sending the files to us. We will email you a third-party consent letter to forward to them. Please ask them to complete it as soon as possible and send it back to us.

Otherwise, in the case of images or video, please edit so people featured are not identifiable (e.g. through blurring, or a sticker such as an emoji, or cropping).

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