How do we join in?

How do we join in?

You will need an adult to help you to join in the survey, and then you will be able to tell us about your play.

There are 2 easy steps to taking part. We need your consent, followed by a few details about yourself, and about the organisation you are part of if sharing examples from your school, club or community group. This only takes a few minutes, and when done you can start contributing straight away.

  • Consent - You can sign up as a Child/Young Person Contributor or an Adult Contributor:
    • Children under 18 need the consent of their parent or legal guardian so if you are an adult giving permission for a child to become a contributor, please select the Child/Young Person option and complete it together. Parents and legal guardians can give consent for up to six children. They can be added one after the other, or at different times.
    • Adults sharing their own examples, or examples from a school, club or group they are part of, please select the Adult Contributor option.
  • Contributor details - We are asking child and adult contributors for a little information about themselves, and where they are located, so that we can make sure that we are being inclusive and gathering information from all groups in society. The information will also help us and others in the future to analyse the contributions better. You can select which details to provide.

To take part, simply describe the examples you want to tell us about on the online form, and upload any files. We suggest adding one example at a time but there is no limit to how many you want to send in. You are free to describe your examples in any way you wish. The form has ideas and questions we are interested in but these are optional. We hope that adults and older siblings will support younger children to share their examples, in children’s own words where possible.

The Play Observatory will email you a copy of your consent form and personal details you have provided. You will also receive a copy of the examples you have shared. The emails contain your own personal link to the survey. You can re-use the link as many times as you like to add further examples. Keep the link safe and do not share it with others. Contact us at if you have any problems.

What are we collecting? What files can we upload?